Creating a guide on how your significant
other can provide you happiness!

Ladies are you dating someone you love but they don’t seem to have a clear understanding on what it takes to provide you happiness or in the beginning stages of a relationship & would like to prevent these issues?

Does the issues include:

Your partner being forgetful

Not seeing things from your point of view

An understanding barrier

This situation could leave you feeling hurt, sad & unheard. Wishing it was a way to express your feelings & provide a clear blueprint, on what you expect from your partner. Your partner may shut down after going through the same process over & over again without any improvement.

Look no further,Pieces of Me love fill-in questionnaire guide, will help with these issues. The witty & funny journal with question prompts has questions to help you lay out the foundational yourself.

Be able to express yourself without interruptions

Explain situations in your terms

As you write in the answers, to provide your partner the responses, they will always be able to reference back.

Provide a clear understanding of your expectations

This will help your significant other, see situations from your point of view. Improve communication barriers, provide a clear pathway to your heart. If you’re in need of enhancing the understanding between you & your love one, wanting more peace or just be heard,Pieces of Me is just for you!!!